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An effective ESG report is the key to increase your bottom line, enhance your brand reputation and help you get easy access to capital by identifying the key risks associated with your business

Prism, our ESG planning and reporting software, helps you build and manage your ESG strategy seamlessly. Prism provides enterprise-level data and risk management capabilities to get a real-time view of your ESG performance.

Prism is a scalable solution with built in modular features enabling automated data collection, data processing, analytics and reporting as per globally accepted ESG disclosure frameworks like BRSR, TCFD, CDP and many more.


Supply Chain Sustainability

In a globalised business environment, being connected to your supply chain partners is critical to your company’s ESG performance and in managing supply chain risks. But, supply chain management depends on transparency, explicit data collection and effective due diligence.

Our supply chain management product enables you to consolidate data from all your supply chain partners ensuring they maintain transparency about their internal processes, working conditions, emissions etc. Our product helps you meet the local and global regulatory requirements for your company and supply chain.


Good Governance

A solid governance structure forms the backbone of any effective ESG strategy. Decisions taken by the senior management are essential for identifying key material issues, the scope of the entire sustainability exercise and the communication strategy.

Our GoodGovern Board Evaluation software is a research-based tool that draws from the best of governance practises across the world to measure effectiveness of the leadership team in managing ESG matters. It takes into consideration the regulatory framework as applicable to organisations while providing a scope of customization in line with organisational and industry context.


How it works

Frameworks we support

Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosures

Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report

Carbon Disclosure Project

Science Based Targets initiative

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Climate Disclosure Standards Board

United Nation’s Global Compact



Oren - BRSR Handbook By Oren


BRSR Handbook By Oren


Key Takeaways

  • Financial year 2022-23 onwards, SEBI has made it mandatory for the top 1000 listed companies to report on their sustainability by submitting a BRSR or Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report annually.
  • Through this whitepaper, we start with the ESG landscape in India and dive into how BRSR fits right into it.
  • We’ve also created a journey map for companies to help them get started on this journey.

Adani Total Gas Limited

Case Study

Adani Total Gas Limited

17 Feb 2022


Key Takeaways

  • To support ATGL report their BRSR for the first time, Oren helped them in capacity building and setting up an internal ESG team
  • We also helped them structuring multiple sustainability and CSR initiatives with materiality topics and collect ESG data from their vendors and partners
  • We did this by providing a unified platform to manage all partners' social impact assessments and performance evaluations resulting in 72% increase in partner engagement and improvements in health and safety reporting by 10X