Our Vision

To make sustainability simple and accessible to all businesses.

Our Story

Oren was founded by Arooshi and Abhirup in January 2020 After the initial launch in Abhirup's living room (it was then called Oleo), today our team is present across two continents and has worked with some of the most wonderful customers across the globe who are as passionate about sustainability as us.

Sustainability has a major social component that usually gets ignored. Stakeholders seems to be a heavy word that simply means the people that make up the company.

We bring in innovative and long-term solutions to help create a better world.


Our Values

We believe that all human beings want a beautiful world, however constraints in the form of knowledge and skills become limiting factors for them, keeping them from creating a positive impact. We, at Oren, wish to fulfill that gap.

For Everyone

No company is too small or too young to be starting their sustainability journey, every single step adds up towards a better future


We hand-hold our customers from day one to the very end helping them create long-term solutions


We wish to help & guide our customers towards creating a positive impact in their best capacity


We navigate the complex frameworks that exist in the world of sustainability to give our customers a simple solution

Our Team

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Arooshi Dahiya

Co-founder and CEO

Arooshi’s deep passion towards solving the climate crisis led her to start the company with her best friend, Abhirup. She writes about corporate sustainability on Future Proof. She loves the outdoors and is super proud to have completed the Chicago triathlon in 2020.

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Abhirup Das

Co-founder and COO

Abhirup is a quintessential generalist. Being an optimist at heart, Abhirup started challenging conservatism with a strong believe that people are the most important part to solving the sustainability puzzle. And that motivated him to start his journey at Oren towards making sustainability the next big thing.

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Veeramuthu M


Veera is a tech nerd with a soft spot for nature and Indian tradition. He comes with decade of expertise in Internet technologies, IT architectures, and software engineering to help organizations of all sizes. Veera likes long distance walking and loves to be busy with his digital devices when there are either a boxful of spicy Briyani or a hot beverage.

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Saikrishna Gajula

Marketing Manager

Saikrishna is the marketing manager for Oren. He optimises learning and builds relationships on a foundation of trust and empathy. Apart from marketing, he enjoys travelling and watching movies, as well as everything related to the internet.

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Amlan Shome

Business Development Manager

Amlan is in charge of Business Development at Oren. He is a firm advocate of sustainable living. He is a sports freak and has always been an active participant in quizzes and debates. Beyond this, he loves watching documentaries and is an avid book reader.

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Sharun K K

Software engineer

Sharun is building Oren platform to solve the needs of our customer. He loves to explore the world so currently he is exploring the world of ESG with his team. And you’ll always find him building cool things with electronics.

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Ritesh Kumar

Software Engineer

He loves hard challenges whether it’s with his coding or in the real-world. In his free time, he makes YouTube videosabout problem solving using data structures and algorithms.

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V. K. Sai Keerthi

User Experience Designer

She is a passionate Interface and Experience Designer, who is keen on creating human-centric solutions. She have deep love towards Visual Arts and that drives her to create art on her Instagram page: soulike_arts.

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Divya Navakumar

Integration Engineer

Divya is the Integration Engineer for Oren. She is on a mission to learn everything about Data Science. She loves to travel and capture some memories along the way ( you can check them out here ). She also tries to read and enjoy the little moments in life.

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Vaibhav Deep

Software Engineer

Vaibhav is a Software Developer at Oren - an avid learner involved in innovating and developing technical solutions with his hands on the keyboard by day and on the guitar by night. He loves brainstorming on new ideas and possibilities to make your world a better place. He is also a reader and loves to travel.