About Us

About Us

Oren was founded by Arooshi and Abhirup in December 2019 to January 2020. After the initial launch in Abhirup's living room (it was then called Oleo), today our team is present across two continents and has worked with the most wonderful customers across the globe who are as passionate about sustainability as us.

We are extremely passionate about changing the way sustainability is perceived as being ‘expensive’ or ‘sacrifice’ or a ‘rich people’s problem’.

Sustainability means so many different things to different people but mostly it is only associated with the environment. We believe that that’s an incomplete story, sustainability has a huge social component that usually gets ignored. Stakeholders is a heavy word that simply means the people that make up the company. Sustainability also means taking care of them.

We bring in innovative and long-term solutions to help create a better world.


Meet The Founders


Abhirup Das

Abhirup is a people's person. He is always trying to bring out the best in the people around him. He is a petroleum engineer but his love for technology drove him towards IBM after completing his MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad. At IBM, he helps customers drive efficiency and growth using technology.

In his free time, Abhirup loves hosting his friends and family over for cocktails and food from the weirdest corners of the world.

Abhirup loves cocktails, food & friends.

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Arooshi Dahiya

Arooshi is an environmentalist at heart. She grew up with the value of ‘giving back to society and nature’ deeply ingrained in her. Being a computer science engineer and MBA graduate from NMIMS, she loves exploring how technology can solve the biggest problems in the world. Her time at IBM further helped her explore these possibilities.

In her free time, Arooshi loves spending time running and reading outdoors.

Arooshi loves coffee, nature, running & reading.

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“Plans to protect air and water,
wilderness and wildlife are in
fact plans to protect man.”

- Stewart Udall