Innovative Sustainable Products for A Sustainable Living

By Ananya Chaturvedi

8th August 2021

Innovation: a new method, idea, product.In all industries, unique innovations are occurring, and new solutions to current problems are emerging.

Sustainable Products: If a product does not deplete natural, non-renewable resources, it is generally called sustainable. A sustainable product is one that is produced from renewable resources, or those that cannot be fully exhausted.

Mashing them up together results in innovative sustainable products that leads to sustainable living. There actually are innovations that enable us to reduce resources without sacrificing productivity. However, designing green goods and packaging purely for their intrinsic virtue isn't enough for sustainability-driven innovation.It involves making improvements to business operations and processes in order to make them more effective, with the intention of drastically lowering costs and waste.

Sustainable innovative products and technologies can help you reconsider using non-sustainable products and materials, particularly when more sustainable alternatives become available. Let's take a look at where we're headed with sustainable technologies and innovations.

1.Let’s talk hair care!
We all know about soap bars, we have actually used them.Let's talk about shampoo and conditioner bars now. HiBAR is a Minnesota-based Skin, Cosmetics, and Personal Care Instagram page that sells eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars that are free of soap, sulphates, phthalates, paragons, and cruelty.
These bars are fantastic in terms of environmental effects. They come with little to no packaging and there is no water in the bar, hence the bar is more concentrated, so you're paying for the actual product rather than mostly water. As for their effect on hair, you can find customer feedback and product reviews on their Instagram page @hellohibar, and so far it looks all good.

2. 100% compostable phone cases!
Did you know more than 1 billion phone cases are thrown out each year. All these phone cases have been going straight to the landfill and the oceans. We can totally avoid that by using phone cases that will not contribute to landfill anymore. There are many stores and retailers now selling 100% compostable phone cases like,,, etc. The compostable cases are made up of wheat straws and other plant based fibres. It's a really easy, simple and pocket friendly swap from the plastic cases.

3. Ever thought of tracking your waste?
Sustainable innovations aren’t just limited decomposable packaging or harmless qualities. Here you’ll get to know a little bit more.
“My plastic diary” is an app available on the App store and Google Play that lets us monitor and minimise our plastic consumption. We can pick how many people in our household we want to track, whether it's only us or peoplewe live with. We set a target for ourselves to begin our plastic-free journey from where we are now. We can track the plastic items we buy and throw away by clicking on one of the several pre-save categories. The app is designed to make us more aware of the plastic we buy and discard, as well as to help us build habits to reduce plastic consumption.

These are just a few of the amazing innovations that wecould use in our everyday life. They give us a look into the sustainability's future. These innovative sustainable items can, at the very least, make us reconsider our actions which in one way or other can harm the environment.