Food Manufacturing and Packaging Company - Case Study

22 August, 2023

Key Takeaways :

  • Challenges: ADF Foods faced limited ESG expertise, complex operations, missing initiative classification, and insufficient ESG data.
  • Solutions: ADF Foods conducted a maturity assessment, mapped assets and boundaries, established centralized data management, provided training, and achieved BRSR compliance with Oren's platform.
  • Outcomes: A comprehensive BRSR was created, enhancing transparency, compliance, and customer trust through sustainability disclosure. Centralized data management improved efficiency.
  • Future Plans: ADF Foods intends to use Oren's platform for future ESG reports, implement training, set ESG goals and KPIs, and integrate sustainability in the supply chain.
  • Partnership: Oren empowers businesses in their sustainability journey, offering tailored solutions for challenges and opportunities, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable world.


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