How Prism works?

Arooshi Dahiya

19 Nov 2022

BRSR (Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting) reporting season is upon us. By the end of this financial year (in March 2023), the top 1000 listed companies would publish their first ever BRSR. As we work with some of the biggest public organisations in the country, we know this is no easy feat.

Data has to be collected from all the departments of the organisation, operations, finance, human resources, supply chain, technology, legal etc. and then has to be integrated into the format specified by SEBI. This requires the sustainability or corporate secretary teams to collaborate with the department representatives exchanging hundreds of excel sheets, pdfs, documents and emails.

In all honesty, this can be quite challenging. And to fix this very issue, we, at Oren, have created Prism. With Prism, organisations can handle all their ESG data and track their progress on their BRSR report in one place. Let us show you how we do that:

Automated BRSR data collection: There are thousands of data points that have to be collected and managed when creating a BRSR. Prism allows you to do that in four simple ways:
You can simply manually input ESG data into the platform
You can also upload data simply by uploading excel sheets with data
For the questions that you don’t have a response to, you can invite team members from other departments to collaborate with you on the report
Prism also gets easily integrated with the existing applications that your organisation uses for HRMS, ERP, CRM etc. to automatically pull out data without any effort on your part
No more hundreds of excel sheets: Having one single platform like Prism eliminates the need for you to coordinate with your team members across emails exchanging hundreds of excel sheets, pdfs, documents etc. You can manage the entire process by the click of a button.
Progress updates: You can view your organisation’s or your team’s progress on the BRSR reporting process on our dashboard to keep yourself on track against the deadlines.
ESG Ratings: We have also built in sustainability ratings from CRISIL to help you compare your sustainability performance against that of your competitors.
No prior knowledge needed: And last but not the least, to use Prism, you don’t need to have a degree in sustainability or ESG. As a matter of fact any person who is working on sustainability for the first time can very easily use and master Prism.