Making Sustainability


for all businesses.


About Us

Oren was founded by Arooshi and Abhirup in January 2020. We believe that responsible and purposeful business does not mean compromising on profits.

Through our journey, we’ve learnt that companies incorrectly believe that sustainability is only meant for large companies. Or that sustainability is the opposite of growth.


What is Oren?

Pronounced: O-RR-EN

Oren means Pine in Hebrew.

In most cultures, pine trees are a symbol of longevity and steadfastness.

That’s a future we want to give our customers.


At Oren

Sustainability means meeting the needs of today without compromising on the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. And hence sustainability is a very important part of a company’s growth.

We help companies include sustainability into their core business strategies and culture.


Our Vision

We believe that all human beings want a beautiful world, however constraints in the form of knowledge and skills become limiting factors for them, keeping them from creating a positive impact. We, at Oren, wish to fulfill that gap.

For Everyone

No company is too small or too young to be starting their sustainability journey, every single step adds up towards a better future


We hand-hold our customers from day one to the very end helping them create long-term solutions


We wish to help & guide our customers towards creating a positive impact in their best capacity


We navigate the complex frameworks that exist in the world of sustainability to give our customers a simple solution

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To give you a short answer, we are in the business of simplifying sustainability. But if we must be descriptive, here is how we do it:

  • Impact Strategy

  • Materiality Assessment

  • Sustainability Goal-Setting

  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Circular Practices
  • Social
  • Supply Chain Impact Assessment
  • Impact Campaigns for Stakeholders
  • Sustainability Labs for Employees
  • Employee Health & Safety
  • Contractor Management
  • Governance
  • Sustainability Policies & Reporting
  • Governance Audit

  • Culture

  • Reputation Risk Advisory
  • Board Evaluation
  • ...

    “Sustainability is no longer
    about doing less harm
    - it’s about doing more good.”

    - Jochen Zeitz